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Spirit of the Rainforest Tour takes out two years in a row the Indigenous Category.
Left to Right:  (Jason Salecich - Manager Cazalys Cairns and sponsor of the indigenous category, Sonya Jeffrey - Project Coordinator, Indigenous Tours and Programs, Caroline Grant - Senior Tour Guide, Tonya Grant - Trainee Tour Guide, Artist and Weave, Dr Ernie Grant - founder of Echo Creek and General Manager of Cultural and Education Programs.

Holistic Framework/Cross Cultural Awareness Workshops

Learning the Framework
Learning the Framework

If you had the opportunity to experience one of the best known indigenous education frameworks in Australia, then we would like to hear from you.

The holistic planning and teaching framework is the creation of Dr Ernie Grant and friend.  It provides an insight into how indigenous people view their world i.e. holistically.
To gain a better understanding we employ you to undertake the workshop and come to a better understanding of aboriginal people in this country and the world.
Our programs are personally catered to suit your needs and outcomes.  If you have any enquiries or need a personalised quote please email

Congratulations Dr Ernie Grant

Acknowledged for his life's work.
Acknowledged for his life’s work.

He has run workshops right across the state of Queensland (and indeed in every other state) on a Holistic Planning and Teaching

Framework, which relates together Land, Language, Culture, conceptualised in terms of Time, Place and Relationships.  He has
worked on curriculum development, designed a Teaching and Learning Framework for teachers working with indigenous pupils, and given extensive support to School Support Centres.
Ernie Grant has also worked with the National Library in Canberra, with the Museum of South Australia and with the Tasmanian Education Department on matters of access and establishing cross cultural perspectives.
All in all, he has made an immense contribution to the North Queensland - and indeed, the entire Australian - community.

Jeff McMullen lends a helping hand

Everybody say cheese!
Everybody say cheese!

In July 2009 we invited our friend Jeff McMullen to assist us in promoting our tourism products.

The former ABC Correspondent and 60 minutes reporter is seen here with the Year 11 Tourism class of Tully State High School who also played a leading role with Jeff in the new television commercial and DVD.
The commercial can be seen through our website and if you would like a copy of the DVD simply email

Yunba Tour

Let's Weave
Our new tour which is the shorter version of the full day tour (Spirit of the Rainforest Tour).  The tour takes approximately 21/2 hours to completeThe tour provides you with an interpretive of the flora and fauna and how our people survived in the rainforest, you will experience a beautiful creation story of the yunba (black water python) and the magical healing powers this character possesed in healing our sick and wounded.  Sit back and enjoy spectacular scenery over a cup of billy tea and then try your hand at an age old tradition of weaving.  You will have the opportunity to weave your own souvenir friendship bracelet made from the natural fibres found in the rainforest.
If you have already experienced this wonderful tour, then we welcome you to write or blog about your experience.

Where will the adventure take you?

Echo Adventure


To find out where the Adventure will take you

Visit our Website

Echo Creek Adventure Centre

spirit2 Echo Creek Adventure Centre & Cultural Camp offers an eco-friendly, recreational camping, authentic indigenous, cultural and adventure experience.

Cultural activities include basket weaving, painting, mija (aboriginal hut) building and cultural, guided river and rainforest walks along with a range of adventure and nature based activities like canoeing, rafting and bushwalking. The man made lagoon also provides an area for recreational use.

The camp has 3 types of accommodation and a fully equipped camp kitchen and amenities blocks to suit any traveller.

Visit our Website for more details.


Welcome to Echo Creek’s Blog


Ernie Grant is an elder of the Jirrbal people from the Tully area here in North Queensland. He spent his first nine years living in the rainforest getting a grounding in the traditional life of the North Queensland rainforest people.

Many academic researchers have been keen to draw on his knowledge in the fields of ethno-botany and spirituality/mythology. Uncle Ernie (as he is commonly known) has had a long and varied career, and a lifelong passion for education and for sharing his understandings with educators.

For many years, Ernie has been working as a Cultural Research Officer in the Queensland Department of Education. He presents at numerous state and national education workshops and conferences. He has extensive knowledge and experience working within traditional Aboriginal, urban and regional Aboriginal, and the wider non-aboriginal communities in Australia.

Very few Indigenous educators have the knowledge and experience of both traditional lore and western academic approaches to education. Ernie brings this to his work and that underpins his Holistic Teaching and Learning Framework. The key to understanding the holistic framework is the primary relationship that Aboriginal people have between their Land, their Language and their Culture. It is the inseperable nature of these elements and the ways they depend on each other for meaning for which Uncle Ernie has a uniqueness.